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You won't want to miss out on these Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for your car in 2022

Thousands of Black Friday deals are just around the corner, so many consumers are looking for the best ways to save. Whether it's electronics, clothing, games, cookware, or almost anything else you're looking for, there's a deal for everybody (and almost everything).

Many of the same enticing deals are available on Cyber Monday, allowing shoppers to shop without facing the huge Black Friday crowds. In 2021, over 100 million shoppers took advantage of all the available savings, and even more are expected in 2022!

You don't have to buy the latest and greatest tech or fashion to take advantage of these Black Friday sales or Cyber Monday deals. These two shopping days can be an excellent way to maximize your savings. They will enable you to ensure your vehicle is well cared for, whether you are purchasing a new car or shopping for various car accessories.

The Benefits of Black Friday and Cyber Monday for Your Vehicle

The everyday price of any item will ALWAYS be more expensive than on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. This is regardless of whether you are shopping for a new car, car accessories, or whatever other items from that retailer. When it comes to high-ticket items like late-model vehicles or high-tech parts and accessories, this difference is especially noticeable. Buying a used or new car at a discounted price on Black Friday or Cyber Monday can lower your maintenance and repair costs regardless of what make/model you own.

Check out Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on these automotive items to find the best savings this holiday season:

Car Accessories & Maintenance Items - Your driving habits and where you live determine what preventative maintenance you need. Stocking up on accessories and maintenance items can help you keep up with your car's needs on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Discounts and savings can be found on essential fluids such as engine oil, coolant, and antifreeze. There are even ways to save on replacement filters or windshield wipers for your vehicle. Purchasing accessories on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, such as a quality car cover, can be a smart move if you typically store your vehicle over the winter. There are also a handful of certified repair facilities and dealerships that offer discounts on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. You can save money on essential maintenance services like oil changes, air filter replacements, and even brand-new tires, leaving you confident that your car will have all its necessary maintenance done before winter.

Extended Warranties - Extended warranties, also called service contracts, cover repair costs and specific components or parts. As soon as the factory warranty on a new car expires, this type of warranty kicks in and gives drivers peace of mind. In contrast to extended warranties from manufacturers like Jaguar, Audi, or BMW, which generally guarantee factory-trained technicians and genuine parts, these third-party warranties offer more customization options. One of the most common benefits offered by extended warranty providers is 24/7 roadside assistance. The levels of vehicle protection range from bumper to bumper to only covering the most essential car parts. Your needs and preferences will determine the best level of coverage for you. There are many drivers who find it worthwhile to extend their car warranties. It is impossible to put a price on peace of mind. Although extended warranties cost money, they can be less expensive than paying out-of-pocket for repairs not covered by a warranty. Additionally, if you're looking to minimize your upfront costs, Black Friday and Cyber Monday auto warranty deals may be a smart choice for you.

Used or New Vehicles - Automotive dealerships are undoubtedly the most popular places to find Black Friday and Cyber Monday automotive sales. Many automotive companies, including JEEP, are known for offering sales and discounts when it comes to buying used or new cars. The Renegade, for example, is eligible for 0% APR for 48 months. Several dealerships now offer several online purchasing options for those who want to avoid crowds while still finding the latest model year vehicles. With that in mind, you can now find an automobile, truck, or SUV only a few clicks away! Depending on the dealership or company, you may even be able to schedule a test drive, so you're sure to get a first-hand feel for any potential new vehicle you're considering.


Save on Your Vehicle’s Repair Needs with our Total Premier Warranty Plan

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Some extended warranty companies do not offer discounts for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but Total Auto Protect is different. By being a direct warranty provider, we are able to offer lower prices than our competitors, which gives us several advantages. Our prices aren't set by another company.

As a direct warranty provider, you'll never experience poor service from us. What else would explain our high ratings on TrustPilot, Consumer Affairs, Top-10 Auto Warranties and Best Company? In spite of the fact that there are a handful of other extended warranty companies out there, we know we're the best and would appreciate the opportunity to prove it to you.


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