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How Do Extended Car Warranties Work? Do I Need One?

Typically, extended warranties begin after the manufacturer's warranties expire. However, in some cases, the two coverage plans overlap. A factory warranty will eventually expire, so you may want to consider an extended warranty to cover unexpected costs, but do you need one?

Vehicle service contracts, sometimes called extended warranties for cars, are optional protection plans you can purchase to help cover repair costs.

What is an extended auto warranty? Most people who own cars have heard of this term. But what exactly is an extended auto warranty? If you know little about cars, you may not know what that means. In the majority of cases, drivers don't even understand what the term extended auto warranty means. Some regard it as insurance; others as a guarantee.

An extended auto warranty has a variety of confusing definitions, like many terms in the automotive industry.

What is an extended auto warranty? Let's find out in this article. The following topics will teach you everything you need to know about extended auto warranties:

  • What Is an Extended Warranty for a Car?

  • What does an Extended Auto Warranty cover?

  • How does a Car Warranty work?

  • What does an extended car warranty cost?

  • Is a Car Extended Warranty Worth It?

This article is designed to explain everything you need to know about auto warranties and why Total Auto Protect is the right company to provide vehicle protection.

Here's the big question we need to answer:

What Is an Extended Warranty for a Car?

Standard factory warranties are included with every newly purchased car. A manufacturer's warranty covers all repairs related to mechanical failure or substandard manufacture. Their main goal is to ensure that their product is up to the promised standard for a certain time frame.

The purpose of an extended auto warranty is to continue to protect drivers after the factory warranty expires. Simply put a vehicle service contract or vehicle protection plan is the correct term for an extended car warranty.

What does an Extended Auto Warranty cover?

An Extended Auto Warranty won't cover everything. Oil changes, new tires, new brakes, and other routine maintenance are not typically covered by extended warranties. It is also common to have to purchase roadside assistance separately depending on the warranty you choose. Make sure you read the fine print of an extended warranty agreement carefully to determine what it covers. Additionally you can see what our Extended Auto Warranty covers by clicking the link below.

How Does A Car Warranty Work?

Vehicle Service Contracts and Extended Auto Warranty work similarly to your vehicle's original manufacturer warranty despite having different names.

They work as follows:

Pick a Repair Facility – Car manufacturers prefer that you use one of their dealers or service centers. The benefit of third-party services, such as Total Auto Portect, is that you can take your car to whichever qualified mechanic or repair shop you choose.

Diagnose Your Vehicle – If you don't already know the issue with your vehicle, your mechanic will run several diagnostic tests to pinpoint it.

Provide your warranty information to the mechanic – As soon as there is a need to repair the vehicle, provide the warranty information to the mechanic directly. This will enable him to relay the claim information on to us.

Deductibles (if applicable) – Depending on the contract and warranty company you have, a deductible might be included or not. After your car has been repaired, you are usually charged after it is returned to you.

You Can Drive Your Car Home – Vehicle service contracts provide coverage for all repairs, including Parts and Labor.

Using extended coverage for your car is simple. A waiting period is usually imposed and a monthly premium is paid in easy, low-cost installments. Only work with trustworthy vehicle service contract providers. Paying upfront for repairs is not something you want in a policy. It is more likely that claims will be denied when you have those policies because of inconvenient reimbursement processes.

What does an extended car warranty cost?

Like car insurance, extended car warranty costs are personalized and vary due to a number of factors. Your vehicle's year, make, and mileage affect the cost, as will your location and driving habits. Vehicles with a higher mileage and an older age are more likely to break down, so they tend to cost more. In addition, luxury or exotic vehicles will cost more to repair than standard vehicles, making their warranty premiums higher.

Depending on the extended car warranty provider, the cost of an extended car warranty can vary from $1,400 up to $4,800, with the average cost being around $2,500. In order to get the best price, you need to consider a variety of factors, such as the plan type and contract length you select.

Is a Car Extended Warranty Worth It?

Total Auto Protect receives two questions most frequently: Do I need an extended auto warranty? Is an Extended Car Warranty worth it? The simple fact is: everyone who owns a car needs extended coverage. Yes, an extended car warranty is worth it.

Consider this example: driving without auto insurance is illegal in most states. If an accident were to occur, this would protect you and other drivers. Accidents are never something anyone wants to happen while driving. This is why they are termed accidents. However, when the unthinkable occurs, a policy becomes essential.

Extended vehicle protection plans follow the same logic. Your car might last well beyond its manufacturer's warranty, but you hope it won't break down. As a result, should your car ever break down, you will have an extra layer of protection to help pay for the repair costs.

Vehicle service contracts, also known as extended auto warranties, are a smart and safe investment. In the event that large repair bills cannot be avoided, drivers should still be protected.

An unexpected mechanical or electrical breakdown can happen to even the most reliable vehicles. You can reduce some of the stress following a breakdown by knowing that most repairs are covered by extended warranties. Additionally, these contracts often cover rental cars, roadside assistance, and trip interruption reimbursement.

Final Conclusion on Auto Warranties

Extended warranties aren't difficult to purchase if you know what you're looking for. Keep in mind that you do not have to purchase your warranty the same day you buy the vehicle. You should give the idea some time to stew and then make a decision.

There is no set price for an extended warranty. The more information you have about the car, the more confident you can be in negotiating. Utilizing pricing guidelines will provide you with the best leverage.

Now that the question "How Do Extended Car Warranties Work? Do I Need One?" has been answered, it is up to you to decide whether or not you need one. Our goal is to inform and educate drivers, so we hope this article clarifies things for you. With all of the information and benefits listed above, along with a multitude of added perks, Total Auto Protect is the provider you should choose for extended coverage.

If you need help or more information, or if you would like to get a free extended warranty quote be sure to get in touch with us using the link below.

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