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Total Auto Protect Warranty: Why Your VIN Number is Important

When we address our clients via telephone we attempt to build up a relationship based on trust so they realize everything we do, we do for them. 


Truth be told, that is the entire reason we're in the extended warranty industry to help inform clients like the ones perusing this now. Along these lines, we occasionally ask a couple of odd questions to try and get drivers the best price and most extensive coverage with a Total Auto-Protect service contract. Keep in mind that these question may seem or appear to be odd at first, trust us, your answer can just assist us in helping you better. 


A typical inquiry that we get a ton of at Total is "What reason do you need my VIN number?" Presently a ton of you are presumably perusing this and have no clue what a VIN number is. For those of you who don't, a VIN number is your Vehicle Identification Number. It is a code that distinguishes and helps identify your vehicle. Really simple, huh? 


Some clients might get somewhat uneasy when we request it when attempting to create their Total Auto-Protect service agreement quote. Be that as it may, what they don't know is that their VIN number isn't any type of private data that ought to have stayed discreet. Truth be told, it just assists us in providing you the most precise quote for your extended warranty coverage. 


Furthermore, vendors list vehicles available to the public on the internet with the VIN number! Besides, anybody can see it through your windshield. Organizations, for example, even use it to produce a vehicle history report. On the off chance a VIN number was something that could some way or another uncover individual data about our clients, we wouldn't ever request it!

Reasons Why We Need your VIN Number for a Total Auto-Protect Warranty Quote: 

Precise Price Quote - Providing us with your VIN number gives us the most precise price quote possible! You'll be glad there will be no curve balls when you purchase your Total Auto-Protect Warranty agreement!


Recalls Warnings - Your VIN number enables us to see any recalls that your vehicle manufacturer has placed on the vehicle. This enables us to asses the financial risk on the vehicle while we appropriately pick a coverage plan that will best protect the components that typically break and need repair on the vehicle.


It's our customer service representatives job to ask for your VIN in order to provide you with the legendary service Total Auto-Protect is known for.

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