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Is your battery covered by your extended warranty?

There is nothing more frustrating than turning the key on your car and hearing clicking and knowing that your car won't start. As if that weren't bad enough, it almost always happens at the most inconvenient time. Leaving your lights on will ruin your day tomorrow so as a precaution make sure you double check before you get out of your car.

Bad Batteries: What Causes Them?

During the fall and winter months, replacing a dead or dying battery is one of the most common repairs you can make to your vehicle. By not driving the car on top of extreme temperatures can almost guarantee a battery failure. In order to determine whether our battery is failing, there are a few signs to look out for:

  • Starting the car takes longer than usual.

  • The headlights look less powerful or dim.

  • The battery is either swollen looking or fat.

  • There is an on-or-flashing check engine light.

  • If it smells like sulfur or rotten eggs under the hood.

  • There is a brief start, followed by a sudden shutdown.

Preventing the battery from going dead requires some simple steps such as maintaining a fully charged battery, checking for corrosion on the battery terminals, cleaning the posts and clamps when necessary, and limiting long term use of accessories.

Would your extended warranty cover a battery if your battery goes dead?

Simply put, your battery is not covered by your extended warranty.

Car batteries are examples of wear-and-tear parts called "wear and tear" by the extended warranty industry. During regular maintenance, it is necessary to replace wear and tear parts that wear out over the years. This applies to the brakes and other parts considered routine maintenance.

Most extended warranty companies exclude batteries as part of their policies. The manufacturer's warranty, on the other hand, can vary, so if you have a new car and a dead battery, please keep this in mind.

Manufacturer warranties come in two forms: the original bumper to bumper warranty and any extended warranties you get after the initial warranty has expired.

Your OEM battery is generally covered for around three years / 36,000 miles if you have a new car under the bumper-to-bumper warranty, such as Hyundai's warranty.

The original battery in a new vehicle is usually under warranty, so if you still have it, you should be fine. However, if you have a battery that is more than 3 years old or if your vehicle is over 36,000 miles, it is unlikely that your battery will be covered.

Your battery is not covered by the manufacturer's powertrain warranty.

Battery Replacement Costs - How Much Do New Batteries Cost?

Car batteries can typically cost anywhere between $70-$350, but the total cost depends on the type of battery you choose. There is no better example of getting what you pay for than car batteries. Batteries can cost anywhere from $70 for a cheap battery that wont last long and to $350 for one that can last years to come like Optima Batteries. When calculating the total cost of owning a car, batteries can be considered a regular part of maintenance due to their different life spans and costs.

Does my battery have its own Warranty?

It is very likely that your car's battery is covered by its own warranty, rather than the extended warranty that comes with your car. To check if your battery still has its warranty, open the hood if it's relatively new. Look for a date the battery was manufactured and you'll have your answer.

Even if your battery isn't covered by your extended warranty, it may still be able to help you.

Dead batteries cause two problems for you. Your car may either have to be towed or you will need to get a new battery. Both those problems are solved by purchasing a protection plan from Total Auto Protect. We offer roadside assistance and jumpstart service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Are you looking for a reliable extended warranty for your battery? Choose Total Auto Protect

To help you get started, we're giving you a 30% discount for just requesting a quote for a limited time. Our plans are available online, so you don't have to make a phone call, and you may find they are significantly cheaper than what you're paying right now. Take advantage of your free quote today to avoid having to pay for expensive battery issues in the future.

Typically, batteries aren't covered by warranties because they naturally wear down over time. It is not expensive to replace a car battery, and some people may be able to do this on their own. In order to keep your battery in proper working order, it is important to keep up with routine maintenance.

Some extended warranty companies do not cover batteries, but Total Auto Protect is different. By being a direct warranty provider, we are able to offer lower prices than our competitors, which gives us several advantages. Our prices aren't set by another company.

As a direct warranty provider, you'll never experience poor service from us. What else would explain our high ratings on TrustPilot, Consumer Affairs, and Best Company? In spite of the fact that there are a handful of other extended warranty companies out there, we know we're the best and would appreciate the opportunity to prove it to you.

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