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Honda Accord Extended Auto Warranty

Honda Is Covered – Read below about our Best Extended Honda Accord Warranty Coverage 

Extend The Life Of Your Honda Accord Total Auto Protect offers peace of mind. A standard Honda Accord manufacturers warranty lasts just a few years until your automobile actually needs repairs. The longer an automobile is driven, the more work that is needed over time. That’s why you need to choose Total Auto-Protect’s services. We offer peace of mind from unwanted auto repair bills, with a long-term effect protecting your budget as well, and the comfort of knowing a solution is a phone call away.

Why is it important to have an Extended Auto Warranty on your Honda Accord?

If you own a Honda Accord we are sure you know that your automobiles are essential and extremely important. Due to the fluctuation of weather, residents have a year-round dependence on their automobiles to get around. In the summer most cars that have the A.C. running for a majority of the day can put a real strain on your motor causing it to overheat or worse. In the winter most cars have trouble just starting up.  Avoid the hassle and repair cost when it comes to repairing your Honda Accord A Total Auto Protection Plan will save you a ton of money on your next covered repair and can help give you the true peace of mind that you totally deserve.


How do I use my Honda Accord Extended Auto Warranty?

  • When a covered issue is malfunctioning in your Honda Accord call us anytime at 1 844-438-1444 or email us at

  • There is usually an affordable deductible you pay and we take care of the rest for the covered claim, repair or replacement.

  • You can choose any dealer, or local mechanic to perform the repairs on your Honda Accord with your Total Auto Protect service plan.

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What does my Honda Accord Extended Auto Warranty cover?

A Total Auto Protect coverage plan will cover your Honda Accord Engine, Transmission, Drive Axle(s), Electrical, Cooling, Brakes, Trip Interruption, Dead Battery, Out Of Gas, Parts, Labor, Towing, Locksmith, Rental Car, 24 Hour Roadside Assistance, AWD, 4X4, Steering, Heating, Air Conditioning, Fuel System, ABS (Anti-Lock Brakes), Hi-Tech Electronics, Turbo, Supercharger, Suspension and much more! Feel free to compare coverage plans below.


Do you currently own a Honda Accord?

If you currently own, lease or finance a Honda Accord you can take advantage of a Total Auto Protect Warranty.

Some of the Benefits include:

Free Roadside Assistance

Nationwide Coverage

Guarantee on covered repairs

30 Day Money Back Gaurantee

Looking to purchase a Honda Accord?

Are you looking to purchase or have recently purchased a Honda Accord?  Take advantage of a Total Auto Protect Warranty.

Some of the Benefits include:

Save Money On Next Repair

Requesting Service is Fast & Easy

Fast & Hassle Free Repair

Looking to sell a
Honda Accord?

Are you looking to sell or have recently sold a Honda Accord?  Take advantage of a Total Auto Protect Warranty. 

Some of the Benefits include:

Get your vehicle sold faster.

Added value with the sale of your vehicle.

Avoid after sale disputes with the purchaser of the vehicle.

Car buyers confidence is higher when backed up by an extended auto warranty total car protection plan.

The purchaser can avoid high repair cost of common issues that happen.


Auto Warranty Coverage Is Available On The Following Honda Models:

Honda Accord
Honda Accord 2.0T Sport/Touring
Honda Accord Hybrid
Honda Civic 2Dr
Honda Civic 4Dr
Honda Civic 5Dr
Honda Civic 5Dr - Type R
Honda Civic 5Dr Sport
Honda Civic Si 2Dr
Honda Civic Si 4Dr
Honda Clarity EV
Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid
Honda CR-V 2WD
Honda CR-V 4WD
Honda CR-V AWD
Honda CR-V FWD
Honda CR-Z
Honda Fit
Honda HR-V 2WD
Honda HR-V 4WD
Honda HR-V AWD
Honda HR-V FWD
Honda Odyssey
Honda Pilot 2WD
Honda Pilot 4WD
Honda Pilot AWD
Honda Pilot FWD
Honda Ridgeline AWD
Honda Ridgeline FWD
Honda Accord Coupe
Honda Accord Crosstour 2WD
Honda Accord Crosstour 4WD
Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid
Honda Accord Wagon
Honda Civic
Honda Civic CNG
Honda Civic CRX
Honda Civic CRX HF
Honda Civic Del Sol
Honda Civic HB VX
Honda Civic HF
Honda Civic HX
Honda Civic Hybrid
Honda Civic Natural Gas
Honda Civic Wagon
Honda Civic Wagon 4WD
Honda Crosstour 2WD
Honda Crosstour 4WD
Honda Del Sol
Honda Element 2WD
Honda Element 4WD
Honda EV Plus
Honda Fit EV
Honda Insight
Honda Passport 2WD
Honda Passport 4WD
Honda Prelude
Honda Ridgeline Truck 4WD
Honda S2000


Honda Accord

Our Total Premier Extended Auto Warranty Protection Plan Will Cover Your Vehicle For The Following:

24 Hour Roadside Assistance, Rental Car Service, Locksmith & Lock-Out Service, Towing, Parts & Labor, Out Of Gas Service, Dead Battery, Trip Interruption, Brakes, Electrical, Cooling, Drive Axle(s), Transmission, Engine, AWD, Steering, Heating, Air Conditioning, Fuel System, Hi-Tech Electronics, as well as Front & Rear Suspension.
Total Premier
2 Year
3 Year
5 Year

Frequently asked questions

What is a vehicle service plan?

A Vehicle Service Plans purpose is to provide mechanical protection beyond the standard manufacturer or powertrain warranties. Vehicle Service Plans may also include car rentals, roadside assistance, travel reimbursement and towing expenses. We recommend purchasing a Vehicle Service Plan instead of having to pay whole repair bills. Some vehicle service plans offer a wide range of deductibles, allowing you to determine just how much you'd like to pay out of pocket toward the repairs.

What do your extended car warranty plans cover?

It all depends! It mostly depends on the make, model, year and mileage of the vehicle. Coverage options and plans are built to suit and may vary. You may feel free to view our coverage plans or call for more information.

Do I really need a vehicle service contract?

Your vehicle is a huge investment. The longer it stays working, the more value you'll receive from your investment. Our total coverage plans are designed to protect all major mechanical breakdowns of your vehicle. A vehicle service contract is definitely needed when you consider how expensive parts and labor can be to fix nowadays.

Is this auto insurance?

No. Auto insurance usually offers liability or collision protection. Extended car warranty plans can help you limit or eliminate cost for covered breakdowns. When you add an extended auto warranty, you're properly covered for the worst life throws at you.

Can I take my vehicle for repair anywhere?

Yes, You can choose any dealer or local mechanic to perform the repairs on your vehicle with your Total Auto Protect vehicle service plan.

How can I get a free warranty quote for my car?

Receiving an extended warranty quote for your vehicle is easy. All you need to do is visit our quote page and provide your vehicle's make, model, year and mileage. No VIN number necessary!

How are repair claims paid?

With Total Auto Protect the claims process is quite simple. Bring the vehicle to the repair facility of your choice, Present your Total Auto Protect information to the service professional and we'll pay for any covered repairs. All you pay is your deductible. There is no limit on the amount of claims you can file.

What happens if I want to cancel my contract?

We are quite confident that you'll love your Total Auto Protect coverage plan. If for any reason you are unhappy we offer a money-back guarantee. Coverage plans can be cancelled within 30 days for a full refund. After that time period, a pro-rated refund will be issued for the unused portion of your contract.

Can I transfer coverage?

Of course! You can transfer your Total Auto Protect plan to the new vehicle owner. Many client's purchase our plans when selling automobiles as an incentive for prospective buyers. All you need to do is provide us with the proper documentation of the transfer and we'll take care of the rest!