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Extend The Life Of Your Vehicle! Total Auto Protect offers peace of mind. A standard manufacturer warranty lasts just a few years until your automobile actually needs repairs. The longer an automobile is driven, the more work that is needed over time. That’s why you need to choose Total Auto-Protect’s services. We offer peace of mind from unwanted auto repair bills, with a long-term effect protecting your budget as well, and the comfort of knowing a solution is a phone call away.

Often called the “first state” in the Union, Delaware was, in fact, the first of the original 13 states to ratify the United States’ Constitution in 1787. At Total Auto Protect, our commitment to provide great service allows for a great appreciation of the state of Delaware’s history. It’s not surprising that this state’s motto is “liberty and independence.” This is especially true, knowing that Delaware was a significant stop along the Underground Railroad. Not only that, but prior to the Civil War, Delaware had the highest percentage, 17 percent, of free blacks in the nation. This rich history makes Delaware a highly sought-after destination for potential residents and tourists alike. The long history also means that much of the real estate in Delaware is quite old. When your vehicles get older in age, it makes sense to have an extended auto warranty in place to protect your vehicle's major components.

An east coast gem, Delaware sits on the eastern seaboard of the United States. Delaware is the nation’s second smallest state in terms of geographical area. Most of Delaware is comprised of a flat, coastal plain. But, there is an area about 10 miles wide in the most northern part of Delaware that has plenty of hills. Between the hills and the coastal plain, rapids and waterfalls are quite common and were used by settlers to power their mills. In the southern part of Delaware lies about 32,000 acres of swamps, making much of the souther part of Delaware state uninhabitable by humans.

Delaware’s elevation is just 60 feet above sea level one of the lowest in the United States. Its highest point is in the north where it shares its border with Pennsylvania at approximately 450 feet above sea level. Its lowest point of course would be along the popular Atlantic shoreline, at sea level.

The 45th most populous state in the nation, Delaware is approaching a million residents, at 971,210, according to 2019 estimates. Given this population with its diminutive size, it should come as no surprise that it is our 6th most densely populated state, with an average of 460.8 people per square mile.

However, Delaware has no cities with populations over 100,000. The largest city is Wilmington which has approximately 71,000 residents. The capital, Dover, comes in second with approximately only 38,000 people living there. Newark comes in third, with approximately 33,000 residents. Interestingly, Dover has the largest area, roughly covering over 23 square miles.

In fact, Delaware has other delightful highlights. The entire town of Odessa has been zoned as historic, containing some of the most amazing architecture from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s to be found in the mid-Atlantic area. The bridge which connects Delaware to New Jersey, the Delaware Memorial Bridge, is one of the longest twin span suspension bridges in the world. And along the coast, more horseshoe crabs can be found than anywhere else in the world, the creatures having remained essentially unchanged for 300 million years. Native Americans ate these crabs and used them as fertilizer, as did the settlers and others until the 1960’s. Now, these interesting creatures aid in biomedical research, in the study of the human eye, and in detecting bacteria in drugs.

Delaware is The United States’ leading producer of chemicals. Also, due to its corporate laws, it hosts the most corporate headquarters in the country. Many businesses are registered in Delaware, even if they operate in other states.

The climate in Delaware can be described as continental, despite the oceanic influences. This means cold winters and hot summers, with plenty of precipitation throughout the year. However, precipitation can vary quite a bit from year to year. The average July high is in the mid-80s and the average January low is in the 20s. But the temperatures are generally moderated near the coast, being about 10 degrees cooler in the summer and 10 degrees warmer in the winter. The highest temperature ever recorded in Delaware was 110°F in 1930 and the lowest was -17°F in 1893.

Approximately 45 inches of rain falls on Delaware throughout the year, on average. The national average is 39 inches. However, this state is frequently affected by severe weather in the winter and spring when phenomena like nor-easter's can dump heavy snow and create coastal flooding. Also, in the fall, it can be affected by tropical systems, experiencing high winds, heavy rainfall and coastal flooding. Spring and summer bring severe thunderstorms as well. In fact, according to NOAA, the most common natural hazard in Delaware is thunderstorms and lightning, which will occur, on average, once every 11.5 days between the months of March and October. Flooding comes in second, occurring once every 23.2 days, on average. Flooding is definitely something to consider before relocating to Delaware, especially if you are thinking of buying a vehicle near the coast.

Whether you live in the north of Delaware, close to the large urban centers of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, further south toward Dover, or near the coast, a Delaware Auto Warranty can help protect your vehicle against damages to the critical components should the unexpected occur. An Extended Auto Warranty is not the same as Auto Insurance. A Delaware Auto Warranty provides extended protection, in that it provides covered repairs and replacements beyond and in addition to what an auto insurance policy will provide. In fact, a Delaware Extended Auto Warranty or Vehicle Service Contract from Total Auto Protect will cover your vehicle for major mechanical breakdowns.

Why is it important to have an auto warranty in Delaware?

If you live in Delaware we are sure you know that your automobiles are essential and extremely important when living in The First State. Due to the fluctuation of weather, residents have a year-round dependence on their automobiles to get around. In the summer most cars that have the A.C. running for a majority of the day can put a real strain on your motor causing it to overheat or worse. In the winter most cars have trouble just starting up.  Avoid the hassle and repair cost when it comes to repairing your car. A Total Auto Protection Plan will save you a ton of money on your next covered repair and can help give you the true peace of mind that you totally deserve.

In Delaware, it’s important to keep your vehicle's components and parts in good working order. With an Extended Auto Warranty Plan from Total Auto Protect, you can do just that. You can protect your critical components and parts from complete breakdowns by getting service at the first sign of trouble.

What if you’re in a hurry to get to work, but your vehicle goes on the fritz and won't start? Your day may be ruined, but the Total Plus Plan will cover your vehicle for that, as well as Locksmith, air conditioning, 24 Hour Roadside, Out of Gas, and more. Upgrade to a Total Convenience plan, and your AWD/4x4 and Steering is also covered.

Do you own a second or third vehicle? You can add these on to your Delaware Extended Auto Warranty Plan too. This way, if you experience any issues with any of them, you can get them repaired as necessary.

How do I use my auto warranty in Delaware?

At the first sign of trouble, give customer service a call, 24 hours a day, and you will be put in touch with a service professional who can accomplish the necessary repairs. All service providers are fully insured, licensed, highly rated, and thoroughly vetted before you ever bring the vehicle in to ensure your satisfaction with your service experience.

The first time you bring the vehicle in, you will be expected to pay a small service fee or deductible. But, after that, all work on your vehicles covered repairs will be taken care of by your extended auto warranty plan. With a Delaware Auto Warranty, you won’t have to worry that a single repair or replacement will wipe out your entire savings or emergency fund. All you need to do is keep a modest repair fund on hand for service fees and or Deductibles.

If your mechanic should find that your covered part or component can’t be repaired, it will be replaced under the guidelines of your vehicle's coverage plan. In Delaware, vehicles are aging by the day, and their parts and major components are wearing out.

With three plans to choose from, you can easily tailor a plan to fit your lifestyle and individual needs. Total Auto Protect is an excellent option if you’re looking for a comprehensive Extended Auto Warranty plan in Delaware.

  • When a covered issue is malfunctioning in your car in Delaware, call us anytime at 1 844-438-1444 or email us at

  • There is usually an affordable deductible you pay and we take care of the rest for the covered claim, repair or replacement.

  • You can choose any dealer, or local mechanic to perform the repairs on your vehicle with your Total Auto Protect service plan.

What does my auto warranty cover in Delaware?

A Total Auto Protect coverage plan will cover your vehicles Engine, Transmission, Drive Axle(s), Electrical, Cooling, Brakes, Trip Interruption, Dead Battery, Out Of Gas, Parts, Labor, Towing, Locksmith, Rental Car, 24 Hour Roadside Assistance, AWD, 4X4, Steering, Heating, Air Conditioning, Fuel System, ABS (Anti-Lock Brakes), Hi-Tech Electronics, Turbo, Supercharger, Suspension and much more! Feel free to compare coverage plans below.

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Do you own a car in Delaware?

If you currently own, lease or finance a car in Delaware you can take advantage of a Total Auto Protect Warranty.


Some of the Benefits include:



  • Free Roadside Assistance

  • Nationwide Coverage

  • Guarantee on covered repairs (see terms*)

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Looking to purchase a car in Delaware?

Are you looking to buy a new or used vehicle in Delaware? Are you worried about making such a huge investment and then having something unexpected happen with the vehicle you just purchased or are about to purchase? Buying a vehicle with an extended auto warranty already in place can alleviate some of that worry for you. If you purchase an extended car warranty you will know that if the unexpected should happen once you take possession, you won’t have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a repair or replacement of a critical component or part of your vehicle since you had the foresight to buy a vehicle with an extended car warranty in place. It is always a great idea to inquire about the vehicle's warranty status of any vehicle you are considering.


If you are looking to purchase or have recently purchased a vehicle in Delaware take advantage of a Delaware Extended Auto Warranty from Total Auto Protect. 


Some of the benefits include:


  • Save money on your next covered repair.

  • Requesting service is fast and easy in Delaware!

  • Fast and hassle-free repairs.

Looking to sell a car in Delaware?

If you are currently selling your vehicle, wouldn’t you like to know that your vehicle’s major components are covered if something should go wrong while you have your vehicle on the market? Extended Auto Warranty companies in the Delaware area will cover your vehicle while it is up for sale. Think of the peace of mind it would give you, knowing you won’t be hit with a big bill for a repair or replacement of a critical component or part while you work to sell your vehicle. Not only that, Over 80 percent of car buyers prefer to buy a vehicle with a car warranty already in effect which also helps increase the marketability of your vehicle. An Extended Vehicle Warranty on a car that's for sale will help you avoid missing potential buyers due to the high risk of the vehicle breaking down and will make your vehicle highly desirable to potential buyers.

If you are looking to sell or have recently sold a vehicle in Delaware take advantage of a Delaware Extended Auto Warranty from Total Auto Protect. 


Some of the benefits include:


  • Get your car sold faster in Delaware.

  • Added value with the sale of your vehicle.

  • Avoid after sale disputes with the purchaser of the vehicle.

  • Delaware car buyers confidence is higher when backed up by an extended auto warranty protection plan.

  • The purchaser can avoid high repair cost of common issues that happen.

Auto Warranty Coverage In Delaware Is Available In The Following Cities:

Arden village, Ardencroft village, Ardentown village, Bear, Bellefonte, Bethany Beach, Bethel, Blades, Bowers, Bridgeville, Brookside, Camden, Cheswold, Claymont, Clayton, Dagsboro, Delaware City, Delmar, Dewey Beach, Dover, Dover Base Housing, Edgemoor, Ellendale, Elsmere, Farmington, Felton, Fenwick Island, Frankford, Frederica, Georgetown, Glasgow, Greenville, Greenwood, Harrington, Hartly, Henlopen Acres, Highland Acres, Hockessin, Houston, Kent Acres, Kenton, Laurel, Leipsic, Lewes, Little Creek, Long Neck, Magnolia, Middletown, Milford, Millsboro, Millville, Milton, Newark, New Castle, Newport, North Star, Ocean View, Odessa, Pike Creek, Rehoboth Beach, Rising Sun-Lebanon, Riverview, Rodney Village, Seaford, Selbyville, Slaughter Beach, Smyrna, South Bethany, Townsend, Viola, Wilmington, Wilmington Manor, Woodside, Woodside East, Wyoming.

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*A Vehicle Service Program (VSP) is often referred to as an "extended auto warranty," "used car warranty," or “service program,” but is not a warranty. A VSP does, however, provide repair coverage for your vehicle after the manufacturer's warranty expires. A VSP is a contract between you and a VSP provider or administrator that states what is a covered repair and what is not. Total Auto Protect is an administrator of VSPs and does not sell warranties. 

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